How can you increase the probability you will consistently get results? You need to decide what strategy to take with your next advertising campaign, landing page or email marketing sends. The creative team needs an effective direction from you, or you won’t get the results you need. Your CMO can’t afford not to hit the numbers and neither can you.

Sustainable success begins with understanding the customer better than the competition. Every customer touch point can be a two-way interaction — encouraging customer action while learning from the customer. That takes more than just random testing. It’s more than any one campaign.

To gain those customer insights, you need a repeatable methodology focused on building your organization’s customer wisdom throughout your campaigns and websites. This infographic can get you started. Use it as a reference when you’re planning your campaigns, landing pages, and tests to ensure you get more than short-term results — get deeper customer wisdom as well.

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Flint McGlaughlin teaches from the infographic on YouTube Live.

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I’ve followed Dr. Flint McGlaughlin for many years and have enhanced my own marketing career implementing principles based on his marketing wisdom. When I quote him, I refer to him as the ‘Sir William of Ockham’ of marketing.

This infographic — as his book 'The Marketer as Philosopher' — illustrate his unique ability to simplify the complex.

Len Prosseda, President,

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