A special (relaunch) thank you to friends, followers, and, um, tweeps


Since our relaunched blog gives a lot more prominence to content sharing and our @MktgExperiments Twitter stream, we thought it was a good time to share the love with our growing tribe of tweeps. (Full disclosure: Twitter lingo makes me itchy.)

So we turned to Twitter Mosaic. It might not be the most functional tool, but it is cool to see the collection of friends’ and followers’ icons all sewn together like a big pixel party. Below is a snapshot of some of the tweeps we’re partying with now.

Thanks for the follows and your contributions to the Twittersphere (scratch, scratch). We’re learning a lot and look forward to sharing more with you, via Twitter and here on the revamped blog.

This is also a great time and place to say thanks our blog dev team — Austin McCraw, Landon Calabello, Cliff Rainer — for making this long-overdue relaunch and WordPress migration happen, to our content team for their increasing contributions, and most of all, to our blog readers and commenters. As we continue to share even more of our ideas and research here, your feedback is essential.

@MktgExperiments tweeps as of April 1, 2009:

P.S. You can get your own Twitter mosaic here.

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  1. Linda Bustos says

    Super cool. PS I love the blog redesign and I want to steal your designer.

    1. Hunter Boyle says

      Thanks, Linda. Always great to hear from you. I’m afraid you can’t steal our designer, because we have many other pressing design needs, but maybe we can work out some type of trade? Or cloning? šŸ˜‰

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