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Strengthen your value proposition by focusing on your "Only-Factor"

In today’s crowded marketplace, it is absolutely vital that prospects quickly and clearly understand what sets our product or service apart from the field. Before making any purchasing decision, customers will be asking themselves, “Why should I buy from you rather than from anyone else?” Thus, we must be absolutely certain that we continuously assess and strengthen our value proposition.

When discussing value prop, perhaps no two aspects are more important than 1) appeal and 2) exclusivity. Appeal is what makes our customers say “I want this,” and exclusivity is what makes them say, “I can only get this from you.” While both of these variables are important, it is their point of intersection — the powerful “only factor” between appeal and exclusivity — that truly propels our prospects to click on our ads.

In this clinic, the research team shares tests, actionable principles, and resources to help you find your “only factor.

Access the Value Proposition worksheet, click here.



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