Essential marketing ROI metrics: Picking the diamonds out of the rough


There’s a mountain of data available from your analysis tools (and you should be using more than one, by the way), but do you know where to find the real ROI gems?

officespace_lumbergh-2.JPGAre you creating a solid foundation for measuring your marketing efforts before you race down the hall to the boss’s office?

To help you answer those questions, I’ve spent the last week trolling through test data and speaking with our analysts about our next free Web Clinic on Wednesday, Aug. 16: Measuring What Matters: How simplifying your metrics can increase Marketing ROI by up to 75%.

After doing the research for the Clinic, it appears MarketingExperiments and Cory Treffiletti, president and managing partner for Catalyst SF, are singing the same song: Click-through rates don’t impress savvy CEOs.

He even uses this analogy in his recent blog post, “Please Stop Asking About Click Rates!”

“In the offline world, how many times have you seen someone hop into a taxi cab as a result of seeing an ad on the cab, and ask to be driven to the store featured in that ad? This is the functional equivalent of tracking click-through rates — and if you look at it in those terms, it sounds a little silly.”

Well put, Cory. We couldn’t agree more.

In this tough economy, experienced and inexperienced online marketers alike would do well to focus on data quality over quantity and get back to basics:

• How much is it costing you to acquire customers?

• How many of them are there?

• How much are they worth?

• What’s their lifetime value (LTV)?

• What’s the net result?

Our upcoming Clinic is designed to help you lock on to the ROI indicators and metrics that matter most – to you and your CEO. We hope you’ll join us for this free Webinar.

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  1. SEO Design Solutions says

    Looking forward to the seminar. Usability by far is one of the most undervalued components to a successful marketing campaign. Our field is based on optimization, but I recently got certified in UCD and UX. Now you can’t help but see it everywhere and think of ways to improve conversion through simplicity.

  2. Peg Davis says

    Usability is a great topic that I hope we will cover at some point in the near future. You know who has done outstanding research on site usability? Our own federal government (your tax dollars at work on marketing). Check out this site at the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  3. Mendel Potok says

    Any chance of a transcript of that seminar? I’m trying to put a presentation together. Thanks!

    1. Daniel Burstein says

      While not a transcript, here is an informative research article that is based on the “Measuring What Matters: How simplifying your metrics can increase Marketing ROI by up to 75%” Web clinic.

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