Optimizing Tactics vs. Optimizing Strategy: How choosing the right approach can mean all the difference in your optimization efforts

Website optimization has two approaches — tactical and strategic.

Improving your headline, providing good testimonials and changing form fields are examples of using a tactical approach to add value to your webpages. It is necessary but generally provides only incremental increases in conversion.

A strategic approach, on the other hand, addresses root issues on your pages and can lead to a great increase in customer conversions.

In today’s Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin begins by using a tactical approach to optimize the landing page of payroll services company Affinity. The webpage already has a lot of good things going for it. He offers some ideas for adding value to the page and reducing friction.

Later, he addresses its strategy, which focuses on trying to sell the company (and form). McGlaughlin suggests a completely new strategy that will cause this company to stand out as unique among many businesses that offer payroll services. It will answer the question that visitors ask when they visit this webpage: “Why should I choose you over all the other companies that offer payroll services?”

Watch this video to discover a strategy that can put you ahead of your competitors by adding an incredible amount of value for your customers.


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  1. Alan says

    Great presentation – and I know an ex-client who should see this, as such a tool is exactly what I suggested and which they rejected.

    That was why I fired them as a client! It was part of a pattern; every time I tried to get them to look at the bigger picture they would say “That’s great Alan, 100% with you” and then, sometimes literally within the hour, I’d get an email about how they had “been thinking” and wanted to chase some other idea or fancy that has flitted through their head.

    Happily most clients do listen, and I think you’ve done an excellent job here of showing how our role is more than “Make this paragraph more magic”.

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