The Marketer and Buyer Anxiety: Three ways to counter anxiety in the purchase funnel

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“When you realize the deepest source of anxiety is not from external factors, you will know how to correct it on your pages.”

— Flint McGlaughin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS Institute

The coronavirus crisis has driven people to do much of their shopping online. I am no exception. But I’m an anxious shopper. I don’t trust just any merchant. They need to earn my trust.

One of the first things I check on an ecommerce site is the customer testimonials section. You probably do the same — and so do those who visit your own business pages. But there is an art and science behind testimonial choice and placement on a webpage.

In this video replay, Flint McGlaughlin shares examples of testimonials that can help conversion — and also those that hinder it.

Watch the video to learn how to identify and treat this form of customer anxiety with over-correction methods.

Key points in the video:

  • 1:25 How the MECLABS family of research brands is responding to the COVID-19 crisis
  • 3:37 Examples of irrational customer anxiety in marketing
  • 9:45 1st point: When you realize the deepest source of anxiety is not from external factors, you will know how to correct it on your pages.
  • 17:30 2nd point: Using testimonials incorrectly can amplify anxiety instead of reverse it.
  • 21:58 Example of a good testimonial strategy: (Preponderance of Evidence) – Job Test Prep
  • 22:50 Example of a good testimonial strategy: (High Authority Evidence) – MoCASec technology
  • 25:15 Three types of testimonials you should not use
  • 26:07 Live Optimization for mitigating anxiety: Viome gut health
  • 33:56 3rd point: We need to learn how to treat classic purchase anxiety.
  • 35:23 Case Study: How mitigating anxiety increased conversion 260% – VoIP Business Phone Solutions

If you would like your landing page considered for review in a future session, send the link and info to us. Even if your webpage isn’t chosen, you can learn from the optimization of your peers’ pages to get new ideas for improving your marketing.

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  1. George says

    This is really a nice information you shared here Linda! This is common confusion for customers to buy products from e-commerce sites that is that platform is good for me or give me reliable services or not. Yes, after reading customer’s testimonials we can trust on them and buy the products.

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