15 Years of Marketing Research in 11 Minutes

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS and MarketingExperiments, explains what he has learned from 15 years of marketing research in this video …

If you would like to jump to a specific point in the video, here are some key points that Flint covered:

00:34 – Three flaws in the funnel analogy

2:31 – The inverted sales funnel

9:34 – Conversion Heuristic

10:34 – Recent Experiments: 10,000+ Paths Tested

The marketing research and methodologies in this video are achieved from research partnerships with MECLABS where companies work alongside analysts and data scientists to discover how to better serve their customers. Each research partnership is customized to meet the unique opportunities and challenges faced by the partner.

If you are interested in participating our research calendar, just visit MECLABS.com/ResearchPartners and tell us a little more about your current challenges in the areas of subscription, lead generation and ecommerce.

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  1. Ed says

    This is THE BEST VIDEO ON MARKETING I’ve ever seen, THANK YOU, for sharing it!! FYI, the email subject line nailed it for me and got me to watch, knowing it was only 11 minutes in length and proved an extremely valuable test to perform in my own marketing!! Cheers : )

  2. Andre Vatke says

    This is a really good video in explaining the primary thought pattern required for good marketing. Not a big fan of the chroma set at wide angle.

  3. Luke Thorpe says

    Hi Andre,

    I’ve been editing the MECLABS videos with the different virtual studios. I appreciate your comment on the wide angle setup.. I assume the ‘chroma set’ refers to the beautiful blue-stone studio floor? What would you recommend?

    I’m glad this video was useful for you. We’re hoping the ‘video’ format helps accelerate the learning.

  4. Just Jay says

    I think this is one of the better videos on the site (having watched a few of them and listened to the audio of a couple of others).

    The reason I like it is because Dr. Flint speaks a little bit slower and has more dynamics in his presentation. Maybe the fact that it was unscripted forced him to be a little more deliberate in his delivery?

    I find that in some of the other videos, listening to Dr. Flint can be a little bit like drinking water out of a fire hose. I appreciated the subtleties of this presentation.

  5. Mirio de Rosa says

    Hi Flint, as a marketing research expert this video somewhat disappointed me. This is not a video on marketing research as the headline says. This is a video on web visitor conversion.

  6. Dave Lindenbaum says

    the stuff you guys give away for free is better than stuff I have purchased for THOUSANDS of bucks!!! go MECLABS!!

  7. Miko says

    Brilliant. I have been playing with this concept for years with no coherent result. Dr. Flint did this massive project to perfection. Can’t wait for the mind map.

  8. Tim Gray says

    I love this video. Its sums up so much of the areas of my job that I love very much. Flint is always such a motivational speaker, and always enjoy learning from him.

    For Power, emotion and motivation within it I personally compare it to the video of Steve Jobs at Standford…. (and wow that was a speech!)

    Thanks Meclabs/Marketingexperiments/marketing sherpa!

  9. Cindy Godwin says

    Where can I find the detailed explanation of the formula in this video?

    1. Paul Cheney says


      Really the only place we share all of the details is our paid Landing Page Optimization course here: http://www.meclabs.com/training/online-course/landing-page-optimization/overview

  10. Mira says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on conversion heuristic.

  11. Felix says

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I really like the inverted funnel metaphor, specifically for affiliate marketing, this is highly accurate.

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