A/B TESTING SUMMIT 2019 KEYNOTE: Transformative discoveries from 73 marketing experiments to help you increase conversion

(This article was originally published in the MarketingExperiments email newsletter.)

Recently, we published 73 before-and-after examples of webpages that MECLABS analysts and designers optimized using qualitative research and A/B testing tools.

Our CEO and founder, Flint McGlaughlin, was a keynote speaker for the recent A/B Testing Summit, and he shared some of those examples with the attendees, pointing out where changes were made on a page, and more importantly — why those changes were made.

Alongside those examples, McGlaughlin offered ideas for creating attention-grabbing headlines, writing effective body copy, call-to-action tips, form errors to avoid, the importance of understanding a customer’s eye path and more.

He also shared three simple principles you should remember when optimizing your pages for maximum conversion.

If you weren’t able to attend the summit, we wanted to provide Flint’s session to our audience here. Watch the replay below to embark on a thought journey that will help you reconceptualize the work of daily marketing tasks.

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  1. Anthony Mills says

    Thanks for sharing all these great philosophies and learnings! More than the heuristics or the results, it’s a mindshift message that’s unique to Meclabs.

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