How to Discover Exactly What the Customer Wants to See on the Next Click: 3 critical skills every marketer must master

(This article was originally published in the MarketingExperiments email newsletter.)

If you, the marketer, can discover what visitors want to see when they’re visiting your website and moving toward their next click, you can better serve your customers by making sure there is no disconnect between their expectation and their experience.

There are three concrete skills you can use to achieve this:

  • Prioritize where to fix your focus
  • Identify with the customer
  • Deduce where they want to go by looking back at where they came from

Flint McGlaughlin explains various ways to apply these concepts as he examines and reviews audience-submitted webpages in this YouTube live replay.

Watch the video to get some ideas on how you can revamp your own website and get more clicks.

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Here are some key points in the video:

  • 3:43 The goal of this session
  • 6:36 3 observations we can make from tightrope walker Charles Blondin that can help our marketing efforts.
  • 15:50 Case study: A national bank
  • 17:50 3 critical skills you must use for maximum conversion: prioritization (of attention), identification (with the customer), deduction (from where they came from)
  • 25:04 The importance of having empathy
  • 26:26 Summary of the successful treatment on a banking webpage
  • 28:42 Case study: Windows and door replacement specialist
  • 43:31 Gathering data is extremely important, BUT …
  • 45:16 Live optimization: Health and wellness marketing site

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  1. Tarun Nagar says

    Great article thanks for sharing the knowledge, I definitely apply these things on our business website

  2. John says

    As a marketer, the blog is very informative and surely would implement this as our marketing strategy in business.

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