Why 80% of the Words on Our Webpages Are Wrong (Part 3): 4 elements that increase funnel momentum

‘Want’ is superior to ‘should.’
People are drawn up the funnel by the power of your value proposition expressed in a way that taps into their wants so they can make a better decision and eventually make the purchase.

— Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director & CEO, MECLABS Institute

(This article was originally published in the MarketingExperiments email newsletter.)

People often fail to complete the funnel journey because of poor communication. In part 2 of this series on high-converting copy, Flint McGlaughlin explained six common mistakes copywriters make on webpages.

Now in part 3, he explains how you can remedy this by using four elements that not only keep customers in the funnel, but also propels them further up with increased momentum.

Flint draws on the example of a brilliant communicator — Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels who used good copy to draw people in and keep their interest throughout the story.

Throughout the session, audience-submitted webpages are reviewed and optimized as well. Flint shows them how to improve their copy using the four elements.

If you would like your own webpage diagnosed on one of our upcoming YouTube Live sessions, you can send your website info through this form, and we’ll try to fit it in.

If you would like to receive more detailed advice from a MECLABS conversion marketing expert via a video conference, visit our Quick Win Consult page to learn more.

Here are some key points in the video:

  • 2:30 Flint diagnoses problems with a headline about Coca-Cola.
  • 6:42 Example of a brilliant communicator – Ian Fleming’s James Bond series
  • 9:43 The danger of “Apple Stacking”
  • 11:48 The danger of assuming customers will follow your funnel plan
  • 18:40 Why MECLABS inverts the customer journey funnel
  • 21:06 How motivation is an internal draw
  • 24:54 How brand’s power comes from the expectation associated with the symbol of the offering.
  • 30:58 How to use your value proposition to get customers moving up the funnel against gravity
  • 32:47 Don’t tell people what they should do, but stimulate what they want – James Bond example
  • 38:22 Live optimization – FFL Bound Book
  • 48:48 Summary of the 4 elements of copy that increase momentum through the conversion funnel
  • 50:27 Live optimization – marketing services provider

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