Aligning the Brand with the Value Proposition Is the Most Powerful Way to Create Value Momentum

(This article was originally published in the MarketingExperiments email newsletter.)

Do you have a favorite clothing store? Is there a special coffee shop where you go to relax or meet a friend? Do you only use iPhones? Or perhaps you prefer an Android?

When you choose to habitually buy from a particular brand, whether online or brick and mortar, that brand has successfully stored value equity in your mental bank. In other words, you believe the value you receive from it outweighs your cost. You are a satisfied customer.

In this session, Flint McGlaughlin walks through a systematic approach for linking the value proposition argument to the execution of the branding strategy. He gives a real-world example of a company that created a positive impression of its brand in the minds of website visitors by using imagery and text tightly linked to the value proposition.

Watch this live replay to diagnose your brand strategy and find ways to increase perceived value in your customers’ mental banks.

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Here are some key points in the video:

  • (2:28) Rebranding dangers
  • (3:50) A real-world example of a successful brand redesign that incorporated its value prop
  • (14:40) Key principle #1 – Value proposition is an argument; brand is an impression
  • (15:13) Connecting name, image and slogan to brand impression
  • (19:22) Key principle #2 – Brand stimulates an impression; the value prop fosters a conclusion
  • (21:30) Key principle #3 – Without alignment with the value prop, brand is nullified
  • (24:58) Hypnosis in advertisement – Marlboro man example
  • (33:02) How Aristotle’s syllogism powers brand impression supported by the value prop
  • (44:07) Summary of key principles
  • (47:10) Using marketing as a force for positive change

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