The Marketer as Philosopher: 3 ways to achieve excellence in yourself and in your marketing

“A great marketer is a customer philosopher.”

— Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

(This article was originally published in the MarketingExperiments email newsletter.)

The internet is full of resources trying to help marketers with the mechanics of their job, but very few are focused on the marketer as a person and the unique experience you have every day in your work.

In this session, Flint McGlaughlin aims to help marketers re-envision their role. He wants you to understand what you are capable of doing with your marketing expertise so that you not only produce a new level of results for your organization, but add meaning to your work.

Why? Because we see marketing abused. Many people think marketing is just talking people into buying things, pushing them to do something. But true marketing helps people make the right decision. So the marketer must escape the negative connotation of the role and embrace the power of marketing as a force for positive change in our world.

Watch the video and get inspired to start your day with purpose. And if you’re in a hurry, here are some key points in the video:

  • The importance of having a methodology over a list of tips (2:12)
  • Headline optimization (7:08)
  • Form optimization (12:35)
  • The power of marketing as a positive force for change in the world (17:19)
  • The marketer as customer philosopher (28:08 )
  • Beware of de-emphasizing people as technology increases in marketing. (35:15)
  • Experience a Quick Win Intensive with MECLABS to become a better marketer (45:25)
  • Live optimization (47:45)

You can follow along with this FREE infographic:

How To Create a Model of Your Customer’s Mind

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