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MarketingExperiments curates the world’s largest library of research and case studies in the field of optimization, a/b testing, and digital messaging. There is more than 15 years of free research here for you to explore.

We have been here since the earliest days of the internet, this domain was registered in 2000…since then we have run experiments across 20,000 funnel paths.

This site curates more than half a million hours of research, provided by our parent research institution, MECLABS, and gives it to you for free…no surprises, no gates, just content to help you improve your marketing performance.

There are three main kinds of content you can find on this site:

  1. You can browse our archive of MECLABS research briefs that features real marketing experiments from brands across the world.
  2. You can watch every episode of our Quick Win Clinics that help real marketers discover easy marketing wins that are difficult to detect.
  3. You can review all of the articles and reporting done by our analysts in the field.

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