Why the World Needs Marketers Today More Than Ever

Marketing transcends technology or data or even business. Marketing is the art and science of letting people know when value is created — value that will help them achieve a goal or overcome a pain point.

And yet, too many marketers are trapped under a myopic view of their role in society. You’re told you just need to hit numbers. You’re told you just need to please clients.

Marketer, you do so much more.

MarketingExperiments has launched a new YouTube show. The Marketer as Philosopher: Become a Force for the Good is meant to teach marketers how to improve your marketing skills while applying them to a worthy endeavor to benefit real people, right now.

Join us in the coming weeks as MECLABS CEO and Managing Director Flint McGlaughlin works through seven key tools to help struggling nonprofit Ten by Three®, an organization working to create a sustainable end to poverty in Bangladesh, Ghana, Madagascar, Uganda, Togo and Kenya.

  1. Data Pattern Analysis
  2. Value Prop Competitive Analysis
  3. Conversion Heuristic Analysis
  4. Certified Value Prop Codex
  5. Certified Hypothesis Development
  6. Conversion-Centric Wireframes
  7. Design of Experiments


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