Copywriting for Marketing Leaders: Why you should never delegate the marketing message (and how to get it right)

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Often, business leaders delegate copywriting to an individual or agency who are not deeply familiar with the company’s value proposition, which is the essence of the message you are trying to convey to prospective customers. This is a mistake.

The message should never be delegated, only the words of the message.

In this YouTube live video replay, Flint McGlaughlin explains with visuals how a leader can use effective messaging to capture and control the customer’s sequence of thought. This is essential to driving velocity in your funnel.

He also shows how copywriters can stay on point within the message. Copywriters have wonderful ways of phrasing words, but without understanding the company’s value prop, they are left handicapped and are simply trying to put clever words together.

Watch the video to learn how to capture immediate attention with your headlines, convert attention to interest with sub-headlines, and ultimately achieve “story click” as the copywriter deftly arranges the central message into the form of a story — the exposition, rising action, climax and resolution.

Thus, the copywriter creates powerful encounters instead of webpages.

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