Subscription Marketing Discoveries: 26 marketing experiments to help you boost recurring revenue

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(The video replay begins at 4:14 mark)

Subscription marketing is extremely popular right now for both B2B and B2C corporations. Startups are especially taking advantage of its benefits. We’re discovering that customers and businesses love the convenience of automated recurring purchases and payments. Naturally, the customer is going to think twice before making a long-term commitment. Their trust must be won.

In this YouTube Live session, we take a look at several websites that offer subscription products and ask three questions to help ensure the customer completes the purchase journey:

  1. Is value being communicated through every single step of the funnel?
  2. Is the page unified by a sing objective?
  3. Is the subscription price presented at the optimal moment?

Flint McGlaughlin gives examples from our test files to show you how to answer those questions so that you receive recurring revenue.

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