Digital Subscriptions Boosted

Survey of 900 U.S. news consumers reveals key insights to increase your subscriber base

While conventional wisdom can sometimes be that the vast majority of customers would never consider paying for digital newspaper content, the results of the survey were heartening for anyone running a subscription-based business. Forty-one percent of respondents answered that they are not totally opposed to purchasing a subscription.

The implications of this study aren’t limited only to the newspaper industry. From streaming media and paid websites to cloud-based solutions, we’re entering a new era of content, entertainment, software and information as a recurring service, rather than a one-off purchase.

In our latest MarketingExperiments Web clinic, discover actionable insights, based on real-world research and testing, to help you maximize this important source of recurring revenue.

Watch now to see several real-world subscription tests, and to learn four key insights to help increase your subscription base. And download the latest volume of the MECLABS Institute Executive Series, which dives deeper into additional findings on consumer attitude toward digital subscriptions.



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