Optimizing Ecommerce Experiences: 25 valid ecommerce experiments to ideate your next A/B test

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Our success as marketers is dependent upon helping people make an observation set that leads them to conclude the product or service we offer is right for them.

So we have to make sure that we provide just enough information to power their decision to purchase.

And the information needs to be accurate — because their decision to buy comes with expectations that must be met, or else the customer receives a new set of observations that will lead them to go somewhere else for future purchases.

If you meet or exceed their expectations, the cycle of trust grows deeper, and you have a repeat customer.

So, a natural integrity is built into this cycle to guard against marketers who manipulate people to buy by providing false fodder for an observation set.

In this video replay, Flint McGlaughlin discusses this fascinating subject as it relates to creating Facebook ads and ecommerce product pages.

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