Display Ad Optimization: How to lower your CPA consistently with the right copy and imagery

What if you had a methodology that could help you consistently lower your cost per acquisition (CPA) just by changing the copy and images in your ads?

In this YouTube Live replay, Flint McGlaughlin dissects a simple heuristic that the MECLABS team uses to optimize the messaging in display ads.

ea = 2at + i + as ©

  • ea: Effective advertisement
  • at: Ability to capture attention
  • i: Ability to turn attention into interest
  • as: Force of the “ask”

He uses the heuristic to achieve three tasks: 1) Attract attention, 2) generate interest, and 3) ask for the click. (Remember, the goal of an effective banner ad is NOT to make a sale, but to get a click.)

McGlaughlin also explains how to use five important design elements — size, color, shape, motion and position — along with good usage examples.

Watch the video to learn how to optimize your ads and lower your CPA consistently.

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