How to Write Headlines That Convert

Key discoveries from a meta-analysis of 15 years of behavioral research

A first impression is essential when getting to know something unfamiliar, such as a person, a new place or a book. Why would a website be any different?

While there are many elements on a webpage that impact a customer’s decision, arguably the element with the most force is the headline. Not only is the headline essential in decision making, but it’s also such a simple thing on your page that you don’t need special skills to change it.

In this web clinic, we had three writers perform a meta-analysis of more than 15 years of behavioral research measuring real customer reactions to websites and campaigns including B2B, B2C and nonprofit brands.

We shared key discoveries from this meta-analysis to help any marketer — no matter how much or how little copywriting experience they have — create more effective headlines. We also revealed a headline test that resulted in an 816% increase in conversion from knowing the cognitive psychology of the customer.



Ben Filip
Austin McCraw


Ken Bowen

Video Production and Editing

Dennis Beard
Brent Knauff
Tara Marotta
Luke Thorpe

Technical Production

Steven Beger
Shelby Dorsey
Jessica Lorenz
Regina Love
Christine Risberg
Joey Taravella



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