Are SKYPE Users Impacting Your PPC?


If you have any of the latest versions of SKYPE installed on your computer you may have noticed a little feature that converts any phone number on any website you may be browsing into a clickable phone number. The way it works is that it actually inserts CSS into the web page you are looking at to convert the text into a clickable SKYPE phone number.

Is this having an effect on your marketing?

We don’t really know, but one thing we do know… users that have this plugin will definitely notice ads that include phone numbers over ads that do not because of the extra emphasis given to the ad with the SKYPE code. Another interesting point is that when you click the number it does not go to the actual landing page on the systems we tested it with which leaves Google with lost click revenue and companies that will have a harder if not impossible time of tracking customers who call by clicking that link (unless they use a special phone number just for PPC ads). We are pointing out PPC but this goes for any site that displays phone numbers with html (it can’t read text on images).

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