Is your business optimized for global, mobile search in 2008?


You can tell a lot about what’s most important to an industry by what conference organizers offer on day one while attendees are bright-eyed, receptive and hungry for insight, edge, and vision. The Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago this December is no exception.

Pow! Understanding the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin American search markets and mobile search are offered right out of the gate, inviting Chief Marketing Officers to venture beyond their borders, beyond their PCs, and beyond their comfort zones to answer some tough questions.

With every business in the world having an equal opportunity to be simultaneously local, mobile, and global in 2008, how are you going to ensure your business is present, found, and understood by cosmopolitan customers—whatever end-device they are using—instead of ignored or worse, buried?

If it gets to be 2008 and your product isn’t in the top 10 search results on Baidu, embedded in South Korean social networks, wrapped around a Brazilian YouTube video, certified carbon neutral, and bookmarked on a Google gPhone, will you need a cardboard box for your Super Chief Marketing Officer award?

If you can’t answer those questions, don’t worry; you still have time to sign up for the December 3-7 conference and get started on a global, mobile search strategy for 2008.

Or you could just go get that box.

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