How Does Page Load Time Affect Conversion Rate? New Research Shows Significant Correlation


Coversion Rates Correlated to Page Load TimesMost marketers understand that a slow page produces low conversion rates. But how significant is the correlation? How fast do customers expect sites to load? Are customer expectations for page load time changing?

In a recent interview at Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), Daniel Burstein sat down with Tammy Everts, Senior Researcher, SOASTA to talk about her recent research on the correlation between page load times and conversion rates across multiple companies and billions of data points.

Everts discusses her research in depth and covers almost everything you could imagine related to page load times in 15 minutes.

Time Stamps:

1:03 – chart of conversion rates correlated to page load time

1:15 – background of how Everts started this project

2:50 – 2014-2015 comparison of conversion rates correlated to page load time

3:38 – the exact load time that produced the highest conversion rate in 2014

3:50 – the exact load time that produced the highest conversion rate in 2015

4:44 – an interesting data point on year-over-year conversion rate

5:10 – how sites can prepare for faster load time expectations in the market

5:28 – guy does unintentional but very cool video bomb

5:42 – number one culprit for most slow page load times

5:53 – quick Nordstrom page load time case study

7:00 – how to improve image load times

9:00 – why and how to audit your site for page load times

11:36 – mobile-specific recommendations for page load times

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