Finding the ideal incentive


At our last free Web clinic Dr. Flint McGlaughlin talked about the value inhibitors of friction and anxiety and how to apply MarketingExperiments’ best practices to overcome them.

Unfortunately, our Internet connection failed 15 minutes before the end of the clinic, and we did not go into depth about one of the key elements for overcoming friction—an ideal incentive.

What IS an ideal incentive?

It’s the one that gives you a major boost in conversion; whether that’s lead information, a subscription, a sale, or simply more clicks through your content. Unless your current incentive is giving you that lift, you haven’t found the right one yet.

This coming Wednesday, April 2nd, we’re following up with a clinic on how to determine which incentive will work best to overcome friction on your Landing Pages and deliver maximum return. We’ll also cover the common errors to avoid.

I hope you’ll join us at 4:00 PM on April 2, 2008. Please click on this link: Finding the Ideal Incentive: How We Increased Email Capture by 319% to register for this clinic.

As usual, the clinic is free to anyone interested in learning more about our research into what really works when it comes to online marketing.

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