Happy Black Monday! Will you get your share of $700 million today?


If the media are right, many employers many not see as much productive output from their computer-bound employees today, Black Monday. Online shopping today is supposed to be the equivalent of millions of Americans shopping downtown, at the malls and the big box retailers. Certainly sounds better for the environment. But with free shipping allegedly being offered by just about everyone this year, what is making your Value Proposition too attractive to pass up? Let us know.

If ComScore is right, $700 million will be spent just today; so how are your selection and check-out process? Are they maximized for efficiency? How about your customer service? Have you posted an 800 number or other clear, super-fast (courteous) means of answering questions if shoppers get stumped, or need details they don’t want to hunt for?

And if 60 Minutes and Leslie Stahl were right last night, you might benefit from their finding that credit card shopping online is actually safer than shopping with brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to security, thanks to lazy or incompetent installation of WLAN (wireless local area networks) that use an insecure protocol called WAP (it’s been hacked for years now) to transmit your credit card information between computers and routers. All white hat and black hat war-drivers have to do is sit in parking lots and collect your personal information or use the insecure router to tunnel their way into databases containing millions of records. Now’s the time to take advantage of that sobering information and ensure your security is highlighted for shoppers – decreasing their Anxiety.

We’re certainly wishing the best to all of our business and marketing readers today.

If you have any interesting Black Monday stories to share – fantasies or nightmares – please feel free to share them when you get a chance (maybe January?).

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