Marketer’s intuition tested: what the latest MarketingExperiments clinic revealed


The latest data are in and it appears to confirm our previous finding: Marketers just don’t do well at all when using intuition to pick what works best when it comes to Web optimization.

Yet the very nature of Web site and email optimization work undoubtedly includes an element of intuition. Where does it fit when identifying the most effective Internet marketing strategy, and how can a business best mitigate the risks that using intuition creates?

MarketingExperiments’ leader, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, led the December 5th Web clinic audience on a fascinating journey through the marketer’s intuition conundrum.

The bottom line? No matter how much a design seems to “make sense” or appeal at a logical or even unconscious level to your intuition, you cannot be sure it will actually perform better under real-world Internet conditions until you test it, and test it, and test it again. And that’s what we’re here for: to discover what really works ℠ when it comes to effective Internet marketing and to help you learn to discover it, too.

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