Landing Page Optimization certification in just 12 hours


Budgets are tight. Bosses are telling their employees that “nice-to-do” conferences and non-essential training and travel are out until further notice.

So here are two things to consider when deciding how best to spend that tight marketing budget.

One: Consider taking the MarketingExperiments online Landing Page Optimization course, and never leave your desk. That’s one way to make your boss happy. Training with no travel required. You can apply what you learn to your company’s site as you go, and once you pass the test, you’ll be MEC-certified in Landing Page Optimization.

Two: Consider the case for a very, very short trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. during the first week in June, when we’re going to teach a condensed version of the LPO course in just twelve hours over one and-a-half days.location.jpg

Yes, this workshop will be intense, it will be a lot to learn, and it will not be easy. But when you deliver that first short, sharp, shock to your company’s online performance, believe me, neither you nor your boss will regret it.

Those who have taken our professional certification courses know how substantial the ROI can be for a company that sends the marketing ranks through them. By making carefully selected changes and adjustments to a product’s or service’s Landing Page, the certified experts who come out on the other side of our course know how to help their companies gain double- , triple-, and in some cases even quadruple-digit increases in click-through rates, conversion, leads, and revenue.

Yeah, that’s right: quadruple. Sounds like essential training to me.

If you can’t make it to Ponte Vedra Beach, you can register here for the online courses in Fundamentals of Online Testing, Landing Page Optimization with an emphasis on subscriptions, or on e-commerce, or email marketing.

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    12 hours of class will save time and money. Hey and Florida is always nice.

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