Linking emails and Landing Pages


After our Feb. 20th Webinar where we optimized five Landing Pages submitted by our subscribers (you can read the journal brief here), we got several suggestions like this for future topics: “Linking emails to Landing Pages. What you should have on the email but not on the Landing Page, and vice versa.”

We really appreciate the feedback, so I’m happy to tell you that on Monday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) our subscribers will get a special journal brief entitled “Email Optimization: How Relevance Lifts Conversion.”

I don’t want to give it all away here, but it does make some specific recommendations about how to synchronize emails and Landing Pages.

We’re also planning to devote our entire April 16th Webinar to the subject of email optimization.

Meantime, please join us at our next free, one-hour Webinar on Wednesday, March 19th: “Improving Conversion by 162%: How to Overcome Value Inhibitors.” Dr. McGlaughlin will be reviewing case studies where specific design elements led to exceptional conversion and revenue increases. You can register for that free clinic here.

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