What to test (and how) to increase your ROI today


In recent web clinics, you’ve learned how to optimize aspects of your site ranging from landing pages to affiliate marketing. In our October 14 web clinic, we took a step back from optimization tactics to focus on maximizing ROI through smarter testing.

To address your toughest testing challenges, senior researchers Boris Grinkot and Ana Gaby Diaz explored how to overcome four common obstacles:

Obstacle #1: Time

When time is not on your side, the proper focus and strategy are key. Boris and Gaby introduced attendees to the “radical redesign” testing approach, through which they were able to increase a research partner’s clickthrough rate by 81% in just 11 days.

Obstacle #2: Mixed Channels

If you’ve attended previous web clinics, you know the importance of testing by channel. Our team showed how segmentation and analytics not only drove a 14% increase in registrations for a partner, but also led to a greater understanding of the motivating factors for different traffic sources.

Obstacle #3: Alignment

Sometimes time is on your side but the rest of your organization is not. Or perhaps you’re just unsure which of equally pressing goals should take precedence. We examined proven ways to establish test priorities and resolve page objective and design differences.

Obstacle #4: IT

Don’t think you have the resources to conduct effective tests? A lack of IT resources doesn’t have to be a roadblock. Boris and Gaby discussed how you can test more effectively – even with a skeleton crew.

Any questions?

Beyond these four major obstacles, all marketers face their own unique testing challenges. So our team addressed a slew of specific questions, from the benefits of multivariate testing to recommended tools for managing test pages in production.

Before you develop your next testing plan, read the clinic summary (PDF) or view the full presentation video to learn how to improve your tests, results, and ROI.

Download the clinic summary:

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View the clinic presentation:

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You can also read the clinic Q&A and ask your own questions on the MarketingExperiments Blog.


Content —  Hunter Boyle
Boris Grinkot
Gaby Diaz
Austin McCraw
Daniel Burstein

Production — Austin McCraw
Cliff Rainer
Landon Calabello

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