Metrics that matter — digging into the customer’s mindset


Did you catch our free Web Clinic on Wednesday? The topic was Measuring What Matters: How simplifying your metrics can increase Marketing ROI by up to 75% — and if you joined us, chances are you’re already implementing new ideas and tools to improve your analytics.

If you couldn’t make it, you can view the presentation here and download our free MarketingExperiments Essential Metrics Tool here (Excel file).

Metrics isn’t the sexiest topic, yet it’s one that most marketers have been grappling with for years and still don’t have many concrete answers. In our live poll, 74% of the marketers characterized their experience level with Web analytics as moderate to novice.

There’s a lot more to cover with metrics than our one-hour session allowed: Different tools, the type of website and levels of data, your depth of experience with analytics, to name just a few.

Many attendees told us the big takeaway was our blueprint for distilling several data points into just four key measurements — and using that to get beyond numbers and into your customers’ mindset.

To paraphrase Dr. McGlaughlin, too often the focus with analytics is on us: the actions we’re trying to force or entice, the conversion rates we want to see, the transactions and revenue we desperately need to achieve. Those are valid measures, but they obscure the intentions of our prospects and customers when they visit our sites.

The trick is taking all those raw numbers and using them to create a snapshot of what your site visitors are thinking, as well as what they’re doing. That’s what really helps us adapt our processes and content and improve ROI dramatically.

Several attendees requested another Clinic on this topic, so we’ll likely revisit metrics with a new session in the months ahead. In the meantime, please enjoy the complete Clinic and try our Essential Metrics Tool with our compliments.

We’d appreciate any feedback you have on the metrics Cinic or Tool, and invite you to post any other metrics-related comments you’d like to share.

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