Online Testing and Optimization Solutions: Quick Guide to SiteSpect


SiteSpect is not a tag-based solution, which is perfect for non-intrusive testing. In other words,you don’t have to add snippets of code to your site that a vendor claims won’t (but we all know occasionally do) mess up your pages.

Also, no content is stored on the SiteSpect system itself, just sitespect_logo_finalvariations for testing. And soon, SiteSpect claims you will be able to store page variations within your own SiteSpect install.

SiteSpect can be a great solution, as long as you have the staff necessary to fully utilize it.

What’s great is that this tool works for marketers with or without a designer, because for simple treatment variations you can use the WYSIWYG editor and even upload HTML designs.

Founded in 2004, some major marketers (Staples, Tivo, Walmart) trust SiteSpect with their online testing. Here are a few points to consider if you’re thinking about implementing SiteSpect as well…

Key Benefits

  • SiteSpect is not a tag-based solution. This type of non-intrusive testing allows the user to work at network level; similar to a routing service. If you choose the hosted solution (there are two options), the traffic flows through the SiteSpect platform.  An Enterprise-level service is available, where the functionality of the tool is identical to the hosted solution but the initial setup is different. With the Enterprise level, SiteSpect will send out one or more physical appliances that are installed within your own data center.
  • Minimal IT involvement, a simple DNS change for the hosted solution and installing the appliance for the Enterprise solution
  • SiteSpect only has to be implemented once, after that there is no incremental work to set up a new test on a different part of your site
  • Has a web-based WYSIWYG editor interface to create test variations
  • HTML can be copied and pasted into SiteSpect interface or the page can be hosted on your site and use SiteSpect to split
  • Test metrics can be fed to a Web analytics platform in real-time
  • Compatible with all content management systems (CMS)
  • Everything with your website will work exactly the same as it does without SiteSpect, but with SiteSpect enabled, you’re can modify some or all of the site for testing purposes

But keep in mind…

  • When implementing SiteSpect ASP, which is a hosted solution, you will have to change your DNS which is a relatively easy IT change.
  • If you’re testing a secure landing page or process, SiteSpect DNS allows you to reuse your existing certificate without the need of buying or installing a new one.

What types of elements can you test?

  • A/B tests
  • Multivariate tests

How does it validate?

  • SiteSpect reporting engines compute and display the level of statistical significance for active, single-factor (A/B) and multivariable tests.
  • SiteSpect uses a variety of inferential statistical methods based predominantly on general linear modeling.


  • Hosted Solutions – starts at $3000/month. Meters bandwidth (i.e. videos would eat up more bandwidth).
  • Enterprise – $8500/month (unlimited testing)


  • Tech support – answer questions about using the product and/or during implementation
  • Professional services – more consulting-oriented

Technology / Development

  • Can purchase hardware or point DNS for ASP solution
  • There are two ways to implement SiteSpect:
  1. Hosted Solutions (ASP): Update DNS, which should only take five minutes, so that users route to SiteSpect cloud (which will serve the page that is requested.)  If the page user requested is not in test, SiteSpect will send them back to your site. If page user requested is in test, the content will be modified.
  2. Enterprise (Hardware-based): Identical to the hosted solution, but the initial setup is different. SiteSpect sends out one or more physical appliances, like a Rackmount server, that is installed within your data center. There’s no need to change DNS because it works within your network environment. Enterprise also provides real-time test reports. It costs more than Hosted Solutions, but testing and traffic is unlimited because it’s hosted within your own data center.


  • Built-in reporting engines (analysis tools)
  • On-the-fly segmentation
  • Can create new metrics
  • WATTS – Web Analytics Tag Transformation and Segmentation
  • Can integrate other analytics within SiteSpect

We’d love to hear some customer reviews as well. Use the comments to share your experience with SiteSpect. And stay tuned to this blog as we provide quick guides for more online testing solutions to help you choose a platform that is best for your individual situation.

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  1. Rajesh Vinaykyaa says

    How well can SiteSpect help small business sites. Hosting cost at staggering 3000…don’t you think way too much for small enterprises. Or am i wrong to understand this.

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