Welcome InTouch, Inc., our new demand generation and lead management experts


MarketingExperiments’ parent company, MECLABS, has acquired a new sister company, InTouch, Inc. of Minnesota. CEO Brian Carroll’s company is a good fit for our group. MarketingExperiments discovers what really works℠ and InTouch discovers opportunities.

InTouch’s specialty is handling leads for clients with complex sales processes, keeping their funnel full with qualified leads by discovering opportunities and creating demand for their client’s products through teleprospecting. Instead of irritating potential leads with scripted cold calls and spam, their “teleprospectors” invest time and talent collecting actionable business intelligence and nurturing meaningful relationships with qualified leads.

Having been on the receiving end of many, many sales efforts — and I am sure I have seen and heard them all—I can honestly say that the companies that eventually got my attention and my consideration were the ones that a) respected my time, b) made my job easier rather than harder, whether it meant a sale right away or not, c) earned my respect, and d) stuck around for the long-haul. This is the type of “human touch” Brian’s team cultivates.

By concentrating on building value-added relationships and earning the trust of potential customers through conversation, not campaigning, InTouch makes the difference in marketing success for the companies they serve. In these days of constant bombardment with spam, junk mail, and hard-sell telemarketing pitches the InTouch approach is positive and professional.

If you want to know more about InTouch, go to http://www.startwithalead.com. I also recommend downloading Brian’s free ebook, “Start with a Lead: Eight Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation.”

Welcome, Brian!

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1 Comment
  1. Brian Carroll says

    Wow, thank you for the warm welcome!

    All of us at InTouch are excited.

    I can’t wait to tap into the MarketingExperiments’ laboratory to discover what really works and MarketingSherpa’s practical case studies and know how.

    Bringing science, research, execution and passion together is a remarkable thing.



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