The Lead Gen Fulcrum: 22 case studies to help you optimize for maximum perceived value

A customer often perceives the value of an offer differently from the marketer. This can be illustrated with the Lead Gen Fulcrum where the customer’s perceived value of your offer is on one side of the fulcrum and the customer’s perceived cost of that offer on the other end.

In this replay of a YouTube interactive session, Flint helps us understand how to think like a customer so that we can tip the balance in favor of value over cost.

He looks at several webpage examples and case studies that illustrate how the MECLABS team weighted the value side of the fulcrum while lightening the cost side in the mind of the customer.

Viewers will also receive the link where you can download the file he pulls his examples from. This research-backed Lead Gen swipe file contains 22 case studies showing where and how improvements to webpages and emails were made. This is a great resource to have on hand for improving your own webpages.

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