A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Creating an A/B test

“Great science is always dependent upon a creative and artful process. The two work together. We use the creative to generate ideas that we convert to hypotheses. And then with these hypotheses, we use science to determine which of them is most probable. From this, we’ve developed one of the most important concepts in the advancement of civilization — Predictability.”

— Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

In this replay of a live interactive session on Hypothesis Development, Flint McGlaughlin and YouTube participants work together to construct an A/B test to decide which email copy will receive the most clicks. The first step is to create a hypothesis together. This is the first in a two-part series on test development.

Watch the video and learn how to use the MECLABS four-step hypothesis framework to remove the guesswork from your marketing efforts by performing accurate tests that will help determine what brings the greatest conversion lifts.

Go to Part Two.

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