Google as judge and jury of your AdWords campaign, and web site.


During our teleconference call on Wednesday we were talking about how it is becoming harder to maintain a strong ROI with many PPC campaigns. Increased competition is perhaps the major factor in reducing the profitability of campaigns which previously maintained a strong performance.

However, paid search experts are now having to contend with some interesting new changes over at Google.

In a recent article on Search Engine Watch, Jennifer Sleg digs a little deeper into what is happening with Google’s July 10th algorithm update.

It seems that Google is now judging the value of the content on the pages your point your ads to.

Not only is Google increasing bids on ads which target pages comprised mostly of ads and affiliate links, but are also deciding on whether a page’s content is actually of real value, even if it doesn’t carry ads.

According to the Search Engine Watch article:

“They also seem to be targeting advertisers who are advertising something similar or identical to other advertisers. This could get into a dangerous game of Google being the one to determine which competitor is the best and which will be required to pay more in order for their ads to continue running.”

This is where Google becomes judge and jury.

Wherever happens in the months and years to come, this is an important reminder that to achieve long-term success your business and your web site need a strong and unique value proposition, and a significant volume of truly original and useful content.

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