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We received the following inquiry from a subscriber and the question is one that affects many professional marketers who utilize paid search.


Most accounts I am working on use the current website and leave it to the account manager to determine which pages are best to use for each adgroup/or keyword. As the next step, which is creating new landing pages targeted to specific keywords what quadrant of traffic do you recommend starting first?

Q1-high cost non converters

Q2-low cost non converters

Q3-high cost converters

Q4-low cost converters


Thanks for your question. Using the categories you’ve specified, I would recommend two steps – one as a Channel Factor item and the other as your Presentation Factor item of landing page creation.

First, as a matter of search marketing practice, you should analyze the “Q1 – high cost non-converters” group to establish how much of the conversion problem is due to poor prospect targeting and how much is due to poorly-converting site pages. That is, if you have a large number of clicks from people who looking for something completely different from what you have to offer, then landing page selection will have no benefit. This problem can be caused by ineffective keyword selection, poor ad copy, and other factors.

Presuming that has been done, you should prioritize each quadrant based upon conversion and traffic level as well as keyword price. What makes for an effective marketing campaign, especially using paid search, is Return on Investment. You will want to target the traffic first that has the greatest potential for benefit from the boost in conversion that you seek by landing page selection / creation. That is, if the traffic level for “Q1 – high cost non-converters” is only 10% that of the “Q2 – low cost non-converters”, then you may want to focus on “Q2” first since not only will the same level of conversion gain translate to a larger number of sales, but further, you “keep” a greater percentage of each new sale.

Thanks again for your question.

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