Is viral marketing predictable?


We know that most viral campaigns do not go viral; at least that much is predictable. However, is there a way to know what might cause something to go viral or not?

Testing over the past few years shows that viral marketing, like other aspects of marketing, can not only be tracked, but also predicted.

The components of what causes videos, blog entries, or any web-based media to go viral can be separated, analyzed, and adjusted to increase what has been called the “social velocity” of the medium. After years of testing, we are discovering which steps are instrumental in making a viral marketing campaign successful.

Our sister company, MarketingSherpa, in collaboration with, recently put together some videos answering some of the top questions we get from marketers concerning viral marketing…

Video: Is Viral Marketing Predictable?

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Is viral marketing predictable?

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We’d like to get your take on these and other questions surrounding viral marketing. And if you’re looking for ways to improve or get started with viral marketing, don’t miss MarketingSherpa’s upcoming “How To Viral Market” webinar on Wednesday, December 10.

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