A nice award for this blog…and the issue of credibility indicators.


First, a thank you to the editors of 60SecondIdeas.com.

They selected the Marketing Experiments Blog as one of their Top 10 Small Business Blogs for the first quarter of 2006.

The recognition is much appreciated.

Which brings us to the topic of awards and other credibility indicators.

On many sites you will see award graphics, Hacker Safe seals, VeriSign logos and the like.

Does it make a difference? Do prospective customers feel more secure knowing that the their personal information has this extra layer of protection?

In a word, yes.

Credibility indicators are an important way to overcome the fears some buyers feel online.

We are working on preparing a complete research brief on this topic. In the meantime, we do have some data on this we’ll be sharing in Wednesday’s teleconference call.

Let me give you a snippet of data in advance of the call.

PETCO.com tested various positions for the Hacker Safe seal they have on their home page. Just by changing the location of the seal within the design of the page they were able to increase conversion of visitors to sales by over 8%.

To get the full story on this, and to get the data on other landing page tests, sign up for our free teleconference call on Wednesday May 10th at 4:00PM EST. Simply find it here.

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