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We regularly receive copies of Value Propositions but good ones are just not very common. Companies would be much more successful at Web site optimization and marketing campaigns—capitalizing in their respective markets—if only they could first figure out how to formulate a good Value Proposition.

Because of this conundrum, I have been posting questions and answers for the last month about what I wanted to know about Value Propositions: what Value Propositions are supposed to communicate, what does not belong in them, and about how long they should be.

Now I want to provide a few practical examples of how to think through a company or product and recognize a Value Proposition. I found some good ones in our Landing Page Optimization Certification Course. It took me a little while, but I was given permission to show you these excerpts for free (the courses are normally around $500). I hope it helps you to actually hear Dr. McGlaughlin talk through good Value Propositions for these two companies.


Here Dr. McGlaughlin points out the Value Propositions of Willoughbys.com. (The size of the video may make it hard to see the image of the Web page, though it is really the audio that is helpful.)



Here Dr. McGlaughlin addresses the Value Proposition of BestBuy.com


Click here to see a larger image of the page.

As I pointed out in my last post, Value Propositions are not limited to companies. Products have their own individual Value Propositions as well.


Finally, here is a clip where Dr. McGlaughlin speaks about the Value Proposition of a specific laptop Best Buy is offering online.


Click here to see a larger image of the page.

So, there are three great examples of good Value Propositions from the top analyst at MarketingExperiments. The clips all came from our MarketingExperiments certification courses, and there are many more examples of how to formulate good Value Propositions where these came from. If you like what you heard and want more training in Landing Page Optimization, the certification courses are very helpful.

The final question I have in my research about Value Propositions is coming up next time. I will be addressing what to do once you have formulated a good Value Proposition. This question was submitted earlier by one of our blog readers. If you have questions that you would like answered about Value Propositions, feel free to email them to me. I will try to get the answers for you. Good luck and hope to be posting again soon.

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