MarketingExperiments weighs in on 2007, 2008


To gather insights for our next free Internet marketing Web clinic, I recently conducted a short poll of MarketingExperiments analysts and managers involved in our science and research activities. I got an excellent response rate (63%).

I asked what they thought the most significant research finding of MarketingExperiments testing was in 2007; what the most important Web clinic and brief produced was; and what the most significant changes in marketing technology or tactics were from a year ago.

I also asked them to rank marketing tactics for businesses in 2008, and asked which ones we should monitor and test in 2008.

We’ll cover their answers at our January 9th clinic, as well as what you should be evaluating and what steps you should be taking right now to get ahead in 2008.

We also want to hear more from you.

Which MarketingExperiments research brief helped you the most in 2007? What made the biggest difference to your business? What are you planning to do in 2008? What will be your next optimization challenge?

We’ll post your answers at the January 9th clinic.

Please have a happy and safe New Year’s celebration, and we’ll see you in 2008!

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