Internet marketing 2007 in review, 2008 in view: MarketingExperiments wants to hear from you


It’s amazing just how much data, just how many test findings we’ve packaged for our subscribers over the past year: 19 free Web clinics were produced, chock full of news everyone can use for Internet marketing —Web page optimization, PPC, search engine optimization, emails, and testing itself. The associated briefs we mail and archive on our site reflect thousands and thousands of hours of research work; all free, ready and at your service, 24/7.

I know of no other Internet marketing resource with so much tactical and strategic value offered to online businesses, so I would love to get your feedback on what you think was the most significant MarketingExperiments Web clinic you attended or briefing you read in the past year.

What helped you most in 2007?

What made the biggest difference to your business? How did it help you reach your goals for capturing leads, increasing conversion, increasing revenue per transaction, making your Web site more effective? We love numbers, so if you have some figures you can share, please do!

Please also tell us what you’re planning to do in 2008.

What will be your next challenge? Will you start a social network page? Create widgets? Expand into a mobile presence? Further refine your present site?

We also want to hear how we can help. This company is all about learning and improving. Let us know what you think we should do differently in 2008.

Our January 9th, 2008 Web clinic will incorporate your answers and share the thoughts of our own analysts and managers, so I hope you’ll join us again in the new year.

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  1. Shycon says

    The most important thing we’ve learned is the importance of testing. Intuition is good, but you can’t rely on it. Everything on the web can be tested, so why not take advantage of the “compound interest” factor that can improve every step of your sales funnel.

  2. Frederic Gilbert says

    I have started converting my boss (with success) and the rest of the team (with more or less success) to the notion of the elements of performance of a web page and that of AB Test.

    2008 is a big year for me as a web intelligence specialist and you already have helped me in a great way.

    keep experimenting what really work.

    I will surely listen, learn and engage!

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