Feedback on our Value Proposition Teleconference


Each time we complete a teleconference we feel a little nervous, not knowing how our presentation has been received. So from time to time we ask our listeners to let us know how we did. Without some feedback, we feel we are flying blind. We are happy to receive all feedback, good and critical.

Happily, the feedback from yesterday’s call was all positive.

Here are a few examples from the emails we received.

“Thanks for a great call. I have a suggestion for a call #2: real- world examples of improving and tightening value propositions. It would be really helpful for me to see you take some of those examples from your index card study, or even from real companies that have done a turnaround from a bad value prop to a good one (or vice versa).”

“Terrific conference call today! I gained a lot of valuable insight from it that I can take back to my clients. What I really love is that you have tools that you can apply to gain a practical measurement of the success of a company, based on its value proposition. I will definitely listen to it again and review the notes. I have become a “fan” a plan to sign up for future calls based on this one.”

“Today’s seminar was very helpful and has stimulated my thinking about the value proposition of my business. Using the text for a Google ad as a way to force you to pin that proposition down in as few words as possible was very useful. I believe the most important aspect of the seminar is that thinking in terms of a value proposition, rather than making claims such as “the biggest” “best, etc., force me to think of what the raison d’etre of my site really is.”

“Thank you so much for the thoughtful and well-conceived presentation on the value proposition. Helpful in every way. Bravo! Look forward to the next time.”

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