Funnel Analysis – Optimizing Conversion Rate


Monitoring conversion rate for your subscription products is as important as monitoring the subscription path itself. There are two key metrics to use when analyzing your subscription path: unique visitors and click-through rates.

Funnel analysis will help you identify which steps of your subscription path need the most attention. The figure to the right shows an illustration of what we call “Funnel Analysis.” In this example, the major drop occurs in the first step (Landing page to Registration). Usually, landing pages are the biggest obstacle. It is important that the landing page states a clear value proposition and visible call to action. Also, remember to use testimonials and third party certification, when applicable. If this does not help, you might want to consider offering an incentive.

Other interesting tests for your subscription path are:

  • Reduce number of steps: sometimes just by combining two steps in one, you can gain a lot in overall conversion.
  • Reduce the number of fields required: request only the minimum information necessary. The more information you ask the more likely visitors are going to drop.
  • Check for leaks: visitors might not be dropping completely but they are going on other routes; for instance, corporate links, help section, privacy policy, etc.

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