Has Google Found a Way to Recognize Trash-Content Sites?


One of the problems with Google’s results-found figure is that it includes a vast number of trash content sites.

So when you enter the keyword “online marketing” in Google, you can be sure that a huge proportion of the 48,300,000 results listed points to trash content.

These sites are often domain parking pages or skinny content sites filled with syndicated or low-cost content that can also be found on hundreds of other sites. The motivation for creating these sites is usually to generate income from Adsense ads or affiliate links.

This vastly inflated results-found figure causes a number of problems. Not least of these is that it hampers one’s ability to truly identify strong keywords for one’s own site. If the supply figure for a search term is inflated, then trying to work out an accurate index by comparing it to the corresponding demand figure gives you an inaccurate result.

It now appears that Google may be on its way to addressing this problem through its purchase of a new search algorithm, Orion. According to a recent article in Haaretz Daily, Orion can identify the quality of content on a site.

If that’s true, it’s good news for legitimate online marketers and very bad news for all those people making money from trash content.

It’s also good news for users of Google, as they will be more likely to find quality sites when they search.

Finally, to give credit where it is due, if Orion does help cut back on trash, Google won’t be the first to have achieved this. Ken Evoy of SiteBuildIt already has a module that does exactly the same thing – it delivers supply figures based on quality content sites only.

Unfortunately for most of us, this module is available only to people who use his site building and marketing system.

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