Marketing is a System, not an Event.


So says John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing in a recent interview with Business Week.

We agree.

All too often marketers stagger from one marketing “event” to the next, without having a clear plan, or integrated system in place.

This is as true online as it is offline.

Not only do you need to create an effective marketing and promotional system, but you have to take note of the sequence in which you execute it.

You’ll find a great deal of detail on this topic in our 15-step Marketing Blueprint 2006.

Jantsch goes on talk about the importance of differentiating your business from others, and not with something as vulnerable to competition as your price.

Again, we agree completely. This is precisely the ground we cover in our recently published brief, In Search of a Value Proposition.

In fact, these two briefs together make for a formidable combination.

If you were to read the value proposition brief first, then the blueprint…you would find yourself very well informed on how to create and market a business to outperform just about any competition.

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