One-to-One Marketing at Four Levels

Strategic ways every marketer can enter into an online conversation with customers


One-to-one marketing, the practice, used to be the status quo. And perhaps in a quaint little town in the south of France it still happens in the neighborhood bakery. But today, even relatively small businesses likely have a difficult time making a true connection with returning and prospective customers.

Hence the rise of one-to-one marketing (aka 1:1 marketing), the buzzword. An attempt to use technology as a proxy for that friendly neighborhood shopkeeper who saved the extra crusty bread for you, because he knew that’s the way you liked it. More specifically, hence the rise of the one-to-one marketing industry, a great way to spend your marketing budget.

However, a limited budget need not be a barrier to effective 1:1 marketing. You can try to personalize and customize the conversation you have with your customers at many levels (and many budgets). You just need to find the right place for your organization on the path to 1:1 marketing, what we call your 1:n marketing location, and optimize from there.

To help you formulate a level of 1:n marketing that is right for your organization, listen in as Senior Manager of Research Partnerships Andy Mott, Director of Sciences Bob Kemper, Director of Technology Adam Davis, and Research Manager Adam Lapp cover:

  • Four real-world experiments focused on improving one-to-one conversation
  • Four levels of application based on a marketing department’s specific resources and capabilities
  • Four strategic steps to gain more insight about your customers
  • How to work with IT to increase your one-to-one marketing capabilities
  • What The Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail have to do with 1:1 marketing

View the clinic replay, or listen to the audio recording (mp3), to discover how to find the right level of customization for your organization’s marketing.

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