Optimizing PPC campaigns to boost conversions, ROI


With increased pressure to make the most of every marketing dollar, many marketers are taking a hard look at how their PPC efforts are – or are not – delivering now.

Beyond ad copy and keywords, research shows that optimizing for post-click conversions not only helps you combat rising keyword bids and competition, but also provides the strongest ROI.

You can significantly improve results without increasing costs – and in many cases, dramatically reduce costs – with the right PPC campaign strategies in place.

In our July 29 web clinic, we reviewed a recent PPC experiment, outlined five key ways to optimize PPC campaigns, and applied those methods to ads and landing pages submitted by our audience for a live optimization review.

Our research analyst, Corey Trent, also explained how keyword insertion, value propositions, display URLs, relevance and related factors can help you produce greater gains.

To learn how to apply these strategies to your own ads and pages, view the clinic presentation: Optimizing PPC campaigns to boost conversions, ROI

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You can also find selected Q&A from the clinic on the MarketingExperiments Blog.


Content —  Corey Trent
Hunter Boyle
Pamela Jesseau

Production — Austin McCraw
Cliff Rainer
Landon Calabello

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