Proximity Search: Slifter Promises to Unleash the Local Market


Ultra-personal ad floggers promise to push hand-crafted, micro-targeted messages to all of your subscription media, whether you want them or not.

Local, mobile search, “LoMo” for short, is the other side of the coin in this new, “micro-targeted” realm. It offers a very strong value proposition: Find the thing I want and find it close to me, so I can go get it now.

Cashing in on a multitude of cultural factors such as Instant-gratification, vast product choices, global vendor options, perhaps even rising gas prices, GPShopper’s local search concept is deceptively simple:

Out-and-about Ms. Consumer searches GPShopper’s “Slifter Mobile” site on her cell phone for the “something” she’s gotta have right now, and Slifter spits out the nearest store. Ms. Consumer flies, buys, and the retailer pays GPShopper a fee for the product Ms. Consumer found on Slifter.

Ms. Consumer does not need a full-blown, global, Google search on her cell phone; she just needs to know if what she’s after is in her vicinity.

According to GPShopper’s website, “If your products and store locations are in our system, customers will see them. Savvy shoppers save their favorite items to a personalized shopping list on their phone or send them to a friend or family member for future purchase consideration. Either way, customers are guided to nearby locations where they can buy your products.”

The company also promises unique, “detailed analytics” to increase sales, track campaign effectiveness and show retailers “new insights about customer behavior.”

All politics are local? Now all wireless marketing could be, too.

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