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Spanish-Language Landing Pages



MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2009-03-25



Regardless of what the best practices for Spanish-speaking websites might suggest, in order to effectively optimize for Spanish-speaking prospects, you must combine cultural awareness with your customer theory. So in this Web clinic, Ana Gabriella Diaz, Research Analyst, MECLABS, and Arturo Silva, Research Analyst, MECLABS present transferrable principles designed to aid your Spanish-speaking LPO efforts.

In this Web clinic replay, you’ll see how a consumer credit counseling service increased lead generation conversion by identifying and expressing their value proposition to Spanish speakers effectively. Also, learn how to apply these key discoveries during the live optimization section of the presentation.


Ana Diaz
Arturo Silva

Anna Jacobson

Austin McCraw
Cliff Rainer
Amanda Mehlhoff

Flint McGlaughlin
Jimmy Ellis
Bob Kemper
Adam Lapp
Heather Andruk

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