2007: Year of Internet Marketing Fun Facts


While researching last week’s MarketingExperiments’ Web clinic, “2008 Internet Marketing Strategy: Are You Prepared?” I accumulated many “fun facts” about Internet marketing in 2007 that didn’t make it into the final deck but that I’d still like to share in this less formal forum. Examined in part or in sum, dots may be connected and insights may emerge. I plan to share several per posting this week.

Global Internet Statistics (Averages as of Nov. 2007)

Sessions/Visits per Person per Month: 34

Domains Visited per Person per Month: 70

Web Pages per Person per Month: 1,519

Page Views per Surfing Session: 44

PC Time Spent per Month: 32 hours

Time Spent During Surfing Session: 1 hour

Duration of a Web Page Viewed: 46 seconds

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Could you learn something from these companies? Top 10 online shopping destinations ranked by percent of “Very Satisfied” customer ratings:

Netflix.com 90.3%

NexTag.com 87.0%

Amazon.com 86.6%

Shopping.Yahoo.com 84.3%

Kohls.com 84.1%

BarnesandNoble.com 82.8%

HomeDepot.com 82.5%

CircuitCity.com 82.0%

eBay.com 80.5%

JCPenney.com 80.3%

Source: Nielsen Online

And how well are you executing the basics? A recent e-tailing group poll asked: “When visiting a merchant’s product page, how important are the following to selecting and ultimately purchasing a product?”

“Very Important”

Product overview 76%

Merchant’s guarantee 73%

Stock status/availability 69%

Quality of the image 67%

Customer service links 65%

Product specific information 63%

Long description 54%

Size chart 54%

Toll-free telephone number 54%

Ratings and reviews 53%

Source: the e-tailing group/ARS eCommerce LLC, August 2007

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