Change in Topic for this Wednesday…Optimizing Landing Pages Part 2


Our last clinic was on the topic of Landing Page Optimization. The response was extremely positive and after the close of the clinic we received dozens of emails from attendees who wanted us to critique their landing pages.

As a result, we are putting back our previously scheduled clinic, and will be devoting this clinic to a full hour of critiquing attendee landing pages.

If you would like to participate, please sign up for the clinic immediately and think of a page you would like us to look at during the call.

NOTE: As you can imagine, we will probably receive a lot more pages than we can possibly look at within the timeframe of one clinic.

So please be ready to submit your page during the clinic, but keep in mind that we will have time only to look at a small fraction of all those submitted.

The call is on Wednesday May 24th at 4:00PM EST. It will last for one hour, and there is no charge for participating.

If you would like to take part in the call, please subscribe here and we’ll then email you the call-in information early next week.

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